Find Out Which Eyebrow Shape Is Best For You

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The right eyebrow shape is likely to improve the way your face looks. It can highlight your facial features, too. Before plucking your brows, be sure you know about the various eyebrow shapes and which one might best fit you.

Everyone wields a tale, and you must have somehow plucked or straightened your eyebrows. Once you understand the basic shapes, you can show off the shape of your brows to dramatic effects.

You should be aware that the shape of your face goes a long way toward influencing the form of your eyebrows.

So, read below to learn the eyebrow shape that is ideal for your face shape.


How to find the best eyebrow shape suited for your face


There are many different crown options for you to select from when shaping your brows. Thinner eyebrows with a more substantial angle, fuller eyebrows with a higher arch, straight eyebrows, and small arches - there are many options. Be sure you keep in mind the following three details when shaping your eyebrows:

1. The inside corner of the eyebrow should align with the outside corner of your nostril.

2. Your eyebrow's arch should be aligned with your eyes.

3. The outside of your eyes should be slightly after the corners of your eyebrows.


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Just like what many hairstyles look on people with specific face shapes, some eyebrow shapes can accentuate certain face shapes. Read the guide below to learn which eyebrow shapes are most suitable for which face shapes.


Eyebrow shapes for every face shape


1. Eyebrows for an oval face


Some say that people with oval-shaped faces are in the most subpar shape of all beautiful people. To begin with, everyone is beautiful in every face shape, and every body form is unique.

But why are oval faces just so appealing to people? The best thing about an oval shape is that any eyebrow shape works well with it. Oval faces are more balanced or symmetrical and work effortlessly with all eyebrow shapes.


2. Eyebrows for a round face


Those with round faces may want to make their brows look elongated to tighten the outline of their face. To get that elongated shape, you have to raise the arch of your brow and spice up that angle; this will elongate the look of your face.


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3. Eyebrows for an oblong face


An oblong face is typically long and narrow. Your eyebrow shape should either be soft or gradual, with delicate or curved ends. On the other hand, curved brows draw focus upward and soften any harsh face outlines. Thicker eyebrows make your forehead look broader, spreading out the shape of your face and making it heart-shaped.


4. Eyebrows for a square face


The high arch is shaped to go well with square features. It has an elongate shape, which helps soften the look of the face. At the ends of the brows, you ought not to set the arch too low, making your eyes look droopy.


5. Eyebrows for diamond faces


Like a diamond, this face outline is narrow in the base and top. Diamond face outlines are typically narrower at the chin, broader at the cheeks, and tapered at the forehead.

If you pair your wide cheekbones with the center of your head, you can enhance your brows. Use graceful arches to create balance.


6. Eyebrows for heart-shaped faces


A heartlike outline indicates a heart-shaped face, with a broad forehead that tapers gradually to a pointed chin.

Heart-shaped faces look beautiful when paired with milk and full brows, featuring a soft arch and fuller face. The full brows accentuate a broad forehead, allowing its smooth angle to flow seamlessly to the eyeline.

Remember that good eyebrow shaping does not need to be too difficult. Just locate your face shape, and find out what kind of shape looks best on you.


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You can try out the wax, microblading, or tweezers method and see that the most fabulous brow look that you're looking for is your natural brow shape enhanced.


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With VieBeauti's eyebrow growth serum, it would be easier to enhance and style your eyebrows the way you want. And of course, don't forget to use this guide on which eyebrow shape is perfect for your face shape!



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