Easy Methods To Whiten Your Teeth

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Having white teeth is very important for all of us. It can not only beautify our image but also bring a beautiful mood to others when seeing your smile with nice white teeth. Therefore, when you find yourself with yellow teeth, you will be very embarrassed and troubled, sometimes, you may feel that you don't look so good when you smile. So, can yellow teeth turn white? How to whiten teeth? Which method is the best?

Three common ways to whiten your teeth

These methods will generally cost you a sum of money. Some are expensive while some are cheaper, choose the method that suits you most depending on the personal condition of your teeth. We strongly recommend you use at-home teeth whitening kits, which are very convenient and economical. You'll love it once you try it.

Teeth cleaning

Most people develop yellow teeth as they age. The most common treatment for yellow teeth is ordinary teeth cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. During the cleaning process, the calculus will be removed, and then the yellow pigmentation on the surface will be removed by polishing.

Chemical bleaching

Commonly called laser whitening or cold light whitening, dental tray whitening. Bleaching through medicine. There are various products on the market, and the ingredients are carbamide peroxide. By applying medicine or bleaching gel to the teeth, it can be applied by doctors. There are also at-home kits. Take home the teeth whitening medicine, put it in the tray, and then wear it at night to whiten your teeth.

Dental restoration

The other is to use the restoration method, or physical covering, to make something to cover the teeth, often called porcelain veneer on the market. At this time, the yellow part of the teeth is ground off, and then a more beautiful porcelain veneer is made. The veneer adheres to the surface of the teeth, which is relatively white at this time.

Easy tips for whitening your Teeth

Some of our small habits often have a certain impact, whether it's diet or living habits. The following teeth whitening methods are closely related to our daily life. Pay more attention to ordinary times, and it will become easy to have white teeth.

1. vinegar

Rinse your mouth with a small mouthful of vinegar, spit it out for about 1 to 3 minutes, and then brush your teeth. It has a miraculous effect on removing tartar, however, it should not be frequently used, only once a week. The teeth will feel very sour and numb, and this will last about 2 minutes. It can also be used as a first aid when there is an emergency. For example, before going out for a date, if you find that your teeth are yellow, try it with a sip of vinegar, and it also has the effect of removing bad breath and refreshing your breath.

2. Baking soda

When squeezing the toothpaste, put a little baking soda on it, but don't get water on it, brush the teeth lightly, mainly for cleaning, it can directly and effectively remove the rust on the surface of the teeth, so that the Brightening of teeth.

3. Lemon slice

After brushing your teeth, use lemon slices to cover the teeth or take a sip of lemonade in your mouth, which can have a good whitening effect. The principle is that the chemical reaction caused by citric acid decomposes the tartar and stains the surface of the teeth.

4. Peanuts

Chewing two or three hard peanuts at a time. Don't swallow them after chewing, use them as toothpaste. This method is a green method without any side effects and can be used for a long time.

5. Vitamin C

Tropical fruits contain high-dimensional C, which can maintain gum health. In case of serious deficiency, the gums will become fragile, prone to disease, gum swelling, bleeding, loose teeth or falling off, and other symptoms.

6. Strawberry Teeth Whitening Paste

Preparation materials: a strawberry, and a half spoon of baking powder. Grind strawberries into a paste, mix with baking powder until fully integrated, use a soft toothbrush to spread the mixture evenly on the surface of your teeth, brush the mixture off with toothpaste after 5 minutes, and rinse your mouth.

7. Green apple

If you want to prevent your teeth from turning yellow, the simplest and most effective way is to brush your teeth after each meal, Or, it is recommended to eat green apples with low sugar content as snacks after meals, which can achieve the effect of brushing teeth. This is because green apples are rich in cellulose and an appropriate amount of fruit acid, which can remove dirt and make teeth white and clean.

8. Tooth protection glue

Before whitening, use tooth protection glue. When whitening your teeth at home, if you are worried that your teeth are sensitive to cold and hot food, you can use tooth protection glue containing potassium nitrate. Protective glue can help fill small holes in the surface of teeth so that teeth no longer have sensitive problems.

9. Cheese

Add cheese to the weekly menu. Ladies who love red wine, please pay attention! Drinking red wine often makes your teeth change color. So you can prepare some cheese on the table. The calcium contained in cheese can form a protective film on the surface of teeth to protect teeth from the coloring of red wine pigment.

10. Form good habits

We should pay attention to keeping good habits and persevering, and we will have healthy white teeth gradually. Some people may be acute and need immediate effect, then you should try the latter three ways, the effect is faster and better.

  • Try to smoke less and drink less

  • Use the correct method to brush your teeth in the morning and evening (refer to our other article for details)

  • Brush your teeth after meals or rinse with water and mouthwash

  • Change toothbrush regularly (every three months)


After reading the above introduction, do you already know how to quickly whiten your yellow teeth? We hope you can put what you learned today about making your teeth whiter. Maybe share the quick whitening tips with friends around you.



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