Don't Mess with Your Eyelashes: The Do's and Don'ts of Eyelash Curlers

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An eyelash curler may seem frightening at the outset, but beauty fanatics will confirm that just using the machine will transform how you look at your everyday life. If you're hesitant about the curler, familiarize yourself with a few dos and don'ts that may allow you to become a fantastic lash curler expert in a matter of seconds.

The Do's


how to use a lash curler


Always keep your tools clean.


Eyelash curlers need to be cleansed, just like your cosmetics brushes do. Failing to clean your curler can lead to an eye infection; thus, ensure you add your eyelash curler to the list of cosmetics tools that must be replaced. You can wash it simply with water and soap, resulting in a squeaky clean slate.


Curl your lashes before wearing mascara.


Should you curl your eyelashes before or after applying mascara? Well, curl your eyelashes before applying mascara, as doing so will not cause damage to your eyelash curler. Lashes may be brittle after applying mascara because mascara makes the lashes stiffer. This is another reason why eyelash curlers often get a bad rap. It's not the tool itself. It's how you use it.


Always curl your lashes upward.


Many people generally forget to clamp their curler over their eyes and to refrain from gradually working the lock upwards but do not forget this step. This makes your lashes appear lifted and raised immediately and gives you gorgeous curls.


Buy replacement pads to keep them long-term.


Lash curlers aren't the kind you should buy and cling to forever. In the long run, the pads that help curl your lashes wear out, and you'll observe that your curl isn't quite as lovely. You can buy replacement pads for some lash curlers, which enables you to keep your curler for the long term, but for others, you could get a completely new curler.

The Don'ts


do eyelash curlers really work


You are not cleaning your curlers regularly.


Unclean curlers can cause bacteria buildup. Curlers are also beneficial breeding grounds for bacteria from the eyes and surrounding areas and becoming caked with mascara. Like your toothbrush, it should be cleaned regularly.


Clamping down for too long or too tight can cause problems.


One common mistake you might make without even being aware of is using a curling iron too aggressively. A great curling iron does not need to be clamped down for long periods or with a death grip.


Using worn-down pads.


Because the curler pad is intended to protect your eyelashes from the sharp metal edges of the curler, a worn-down pad leaves those edges exposed, and your eyelashes are more vulnerable to being cut or worse, injured by the curler.

Curling your lashes after wearing mascara can cause a major disaster.

Curling your eyelashes prior to applying mascara is a recipe for disaster, as too much weight can be put on the curler and pull some lashes out in the process. If you must curl your eyelashes, always do so before applying mascara.

There will be several unexpected hazards linked to curling your eyelashes independently, but with a bit of practice, you'll create perfect curls without losing eyelashes or breakage.


how to use eyelash curler


So if you're getting ready for a big evening out or want to intensify your confidence daily, observe our advice, pick out your curler, and have at it! We're sure you will be stunning.

Top Tip: Applying an eyelash serum before going to bed and before curling your lashes can form the basis of a good eyelash routine. For best results, we recommend using VieBeauti Eyelash Serum before going to bed and allowing it to dry before curling the lashes in the morning.



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