Anti-Snoring Mouthguard & Teeth Grinding Solution,Custom Fit Snore-Stopping Device for a Perfect Sleep Aid

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  • PROVEN RESULTS: The anti-snoring mouthguard has been tested and proven to improve sleep quality. By releasing restricted airflow and reducing vibrations, the mouthpiece prevents snoring, and brings a better night’s sleep to all family members.
  • VERSATILE SLEEP AID: This device also works to prevent teeth grinding and bruxism, headache and earache. It’s a versatile tool designed to give you a peaceful night.
  • CUSTOM FIT: Our snore stopper can be easily molded and remolded to fit your teeth perfectly.
  • EASY & COMFORTABLE: It’s easy and comfortable to wear, because it’s made just for you. Whenever you need, and wherever you go, there won’t be sleep problems anymore.
  • HYGIENIC & SAFE: BPA-free, free of other toxic or harmful materials, our mouthpiece is made with your safety and health as the priority. Store it in the accompanying antibacterial container.


Do not let snoring ruin your sleep and your life.
Without proper breathing, your brain does not get adequate oxygen and thus you cannot get quality sleep. Not only is the very person snoring not sleeping well, it also affects others in the same room (or the next!).

Put an end to those sleepless nights with VieBeauti’ s anti-snoring mouthguard!
Say hello to restful and peaceful nights for your whole family.

How to use:
1 – Submerge the mouthguard into hot water (between 160-175 degrees F/ 70-80 degrees C) for 15-20 seconds.
2 – Remove the mouthguard from hot water and shake off excess water.
3 – Carefully insert the mouthguard into your mouth.
3 – Adjust the mouthguard to a comfortable position, bite down on the mouth guard and hold for 10 seconds or longer to create the perfect custom mold.
4 – Release and let the mouthguard cool in cold water.Repeat these steps if necessary to create the most comfortable custom mold.


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