Anti-Fungus Nail Repair Pen, Restores & Rehydrates Damaged Nails, Effective on Fungal Infection [2-Piece-Set]

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FUNGUS FIGHTER – This nail healing pen is a real fungus fighter. The powerful solution attacks the source of the infection and gives you maximum relief.

PROVEN AS EFFECTIVE – Proven in the lab and in real life of many users, the nail pen’s solution works effectively like none other when used according to the instruction. We guarantee visible results within two weeks.

GENTLE & SAFE – The formula is so powerful yet amazingly gentle on your skin. As a sure proof, the nail pen can be applied every day without irritating your skin.

EASY & FAST – With the innovative design, the nail healing pen is as simple to use, store and carry as a nail polish.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We are so confident you will love this product that we can give you 100% guarantee of its quality. If it doesn’t prove itself, simply return it for a refund.



Fungus infection in the nails can be unsightly, smelly and outright uncomfortable. If you have suffered for years from nail fungus, please give us a chance to relieve your pain and agony.

Vilso’s anti-fungal nail pen will bring you the renewal your need – healthy, fungus-free nails.


Main Ingredients: Deacetylated chitin 2%, O-hydroxybenzonic acid 3%, Angelica dahurica.



  1. Thoroughly clean and dry the affected toes or fingers.
  2. Gently rotate the end of the pen to dispense product onto the brush applicator.
  3. Apply a thin layer of liquid directly over affected areas, three times a day or as directed by a doctor.
  4. Use daily for 2 – 4 weeks, according to the condition of the affected area.


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